What we offer

Opera Italian Design provides expert interior décor solutions and ideas. We carefully select the companies and Italian products that ensure the highest quality, design and craftsmanship, integrating modern design with a more traditional and classic look.

Whether you’re an architect or interior designer, Opera Italian Design works directly with you using our experience to help you create a unique look and style for living spaces.

Opera Italian Design also provides interior solutions for private residences and commercial spaces including hotels, restaurants, offices and retail spaces.

Opera Italian Design has the expertise to respond to all manner of requests. We establish contact with you from the outset, assessing your initial ideas and providing tailor-made advice and solutions for your demands, right through to the final product.

We like to think of ourselves as the conductor of a grand opera orchestra: we coordinate the musicians (our partner companies) and interpret the repertoire (select the right products), to the reach the greatest height of expression (the final stages).

Opera Italian Design: the ultimate in Custom Design. Transforming interiors into unique and distinctive spaces. Luxury is within your reach.

Craftsmanship, quality, ideas and innovation.

Opera Italian Design and our partner companies embody these principles. Values that lie deep within the history of the Veneto region in North East Italy where we first established our company and where we continue to thrive.

Our partners are chosen for their excellence in design and craftsmanship.

They may not always be globally well-known but passion, commitment, responsibility, quality, earth and beauty runs through their veins. That is Made-in-Italy.

We work with green companies and we ask our partners to think Eco, creating innovative products that are sustainable and recyclable. 

Opera Italian Design aims for Made-in-Italy long-lasting quality. Because products that are built well, and built to last help protect our environment.