Opera founders

Opera (in Italian ‘endeavour’ or ‘work of art’) is the “opera” of two women: friends and entrepreneurs who love their job and their land.

Opera Italian Design: the word “opera” in our name originally comes from Latin and demonstrates our serious, attentive and diligent approach to work, which allows our customers to benefit from 20 years of experience in the business. Opera Italian Design harnesses skills developed in the world of architectural design with those in business, trade and foreign affairs.

Sara Dalla Serra

I was born in Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza, in 1968.

After high school, I graduated from the Institute of Architecture in Venice (IUAV) with a thesis in architectural design.

From 1996 I began to work in the field of urban architecture and interior design. I have been involved in many commercial and residential projects and also have experience in the field of building restructuring and restoration. 

I’ve also participated in various competitions and awards for architecture and design.

At the moment I run my own architectural studio Sara Dalla Serra Architetto, collaborating with other sector professionals.

Claudia Bigolin

I started to work in 1993 after finishing my degree at Venice University (Ca’ Foscari) Faculty of Business Administration in March 1992 and after spending a year in London mainly to study English (I had a great working experience in a nice Benetton shop!). I started working with textiles in 1994 with some relatives of mine and in 2004 I established my own company called Free as a Bird importing ready-made garments from India.

From here I began a long and stable business relationship with an Indian family which gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about India. The textile business is still up and running and hugely satisfying. I work every day with fashion, colours, news, ideas, sketches and finally the time has come to start something new - a project envisaged and devised through all these years of travelling to and from between Italy and India.

But that, of course, is another chapter.